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Both options have their benefits, sliding gates are a great space saver if you have a short driveway as they do not take up any swing room like swing gates or hinged gates. This allows sliding gates leave space for your carin the driveway where swing gates would usualy swing. With sliding gates special consideration should be made to the position of the gate when it opens...... 

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Front Fencing Melbourne
The Ultimate in Front Fencing


Secure your Home, Children & Pets

Lockfast Fences specialise in home fence and gate installations, including front fencing. Front fencing is an integral part of the first impression and appearance of any property. Lockfast provide quality front barrier and privacy solutions including: steel fencing, Colorbond Fences, brick fences, automatic gates and wrought iron gates. There are many different colours, types and styles of front fencing to choose from including: steel solutions with spears, scrolls, rings or even custom designs: the choice is yours!

Why choose front fencing?

Front fencing is important for many reasons:

  1. Keeping children and pets in.
  2. Keeping intruders out.
  3. Providing a secure and safe front yard.
  4. To improve the appearance of the property.
  5. To add value to the property.

Steel Fencing

Lockfast manufacture quality galvanised steel fences, which are powder coated for increased appearance and durability. Steel barriers are a low maintenance option for Front Fencing Melbourne, which are very long lasting. Lockfast steel fences come ready to use, without the need for painting or maintenance.

Brick Fences

Brick fences are an alternative to steel solutions but can still incorporate steel work within the design. Brick fences offer a completely different look, are very strong and add privacy to a property. With the choice of rendered or normal brick, you can choose a brick fence to suit the existing brick work of your property. We can handle the whole job from foundations up to the finished product. We can also organize council permits and plans for you.

Brick/Steel Fence Contractors & Installers

Lockfast provide expert brick/steel fencing installers to ensure quality workmanship for the best appearance, strength and durability of the product. Lockfast are also fence contractors, installing Colorbond for many clients.

Steel Picket Fences and Gates

Lockfast provide a powder coated variety of steel picket fences, which look like the timber picket version but are long lasting and durable requiring no painting and no rotting timber to worry about.

Manual & Automatic Gates

Lockfast provide quality manually operated or automatic gates to complement the front barrier or privacy solution. With a range of different gate options, you can choose a gate which suits your specific requirements.

Lockfast Fences: Melbourne's Best Fences, with a commitment to quality.

Lockfast Fences specialise in home fence installation and commercial fence contracting including: Front Fencing Melbourne, security and steel fencing, chainmesh fencing, wrought iron gates, glass pool barriers, industrial and factory fences, brick and Colorbond fencing, steel balustrades, automatic gates and school barriers. Please call Lockfast Fence Contractors & Installers: 03 9764 0888 or submit an online form